Trend Seeking

Recently, P&Fnow spoke with Robertet's Gretchen Schleck (media relations and conventions manager) to get insight on how the company seeks out the latest flavor trends and what is hot right now.

P&Fnow: Where does Robertet look to seek out trends?

Schleck: Robertet utilizes a variety of sources such as subscription databases, industry publications and e-newsletters. Subscription databases are particularly helpful because they track the latest product introductions and line extensions. From that information, you can track existing trends and discover emerging trends. Upscale food magazines are great because they reveal the latest “it” ingredients used by the nation’s brightest chefs and what’s being served at the nation’s best restaurants.

P&Fnow: What flavor trends are you noticing?

Schleck: Trend #1: Exotic fruit flavors. Today’s consumers are increasingly becoming more and more adventurous. They want to be excited when it comes to making beverage selections. Bored with normal fruits like apples and oranges, consumers are eager to try something new and exciting. As a result, flavors such as guava, passion fruit and lychee are gaining consumer awareness.

Trend #2: Good-for-you fruit flavors. Consumers are also becoming more health conscious and are embracing nutrient-rich fruit such as pomegranate, acai, blueberry and cranberry. 

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