Solvay's Govanil Vanilla Flavor Wins ICIS Award for Best Product Innovation

Solvay's aroma performance business unit has won the ICIS Best Product Innovation Award 2013 for its Govanil flavor, which allows for a lower use of fat and sugar in pastry, bakery and chocolate food products.

Solvay aroma performance said its new generation of vanilla flavors named Govanil provide at least 20% more overall flavor intensity than standard vanilla flavors. It enables fat and sugar reduction in recipes, providing taste reinsurance, strong cost reductions for industrial producers as well as health improvements for consumers.

"My team and I are honored to have been awarded this beautiful prize which crowns six years of intense research in a strongly developing area: that of true taste intensity and of healthy food," said Matthieu Helft, head of research and innovation at Solvay Aroma Performance. "Vanilla is among the world's most sought after and best loved flavors due to its unique sensory qualities and ability to bring out the best in other flavors. The Govanil range represents a qualitative leap forward, setting the benchmark for vanilla flavors."

Govani resulted from a six-year research and innovation program in Solvay's Vanil'Expert center that gathers 15 searchers from different backgrounds, including food technologists who assist food customers in developing their new formulas. Solvay has facilities in both Saint-Fons (France) and Baton Rouge (USA) and soon will be operating in China. 

The Aroma Performance global business unit includes Solvay Group's diphenol and fluorinated intermediates operations, comprising three main product segments: flavors and fragrances for the food and perfumery markets (with its flagship vanillin and ethyl-vanillin product line sold under the Rhovaniland Rhodiarome brand names); intermediates for the crop protection, pharmaceutical and electronics markets; and finally, inhibitors solutions used for by-products of the petrochemical industry.

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