Global Flavor Trends: Brazil, Middle East and Africa

Wild's market research has revealed global flavor trends for key beverage markets.


The Brazilian beverage market offers a great deal of potential, according to current market data, and Wild's research has revealed a projected annual growth rate of 3-5% for the market in the region. This increase is forecast for newer segments such as energy drinks as well as for the classic soft drinks market, which is now the world's third largest.  

Traditional favorites in the South American country include flavors and extracts of  mint, the guarana plant, the acaí berry and maté. But such tastes are not only popular in Brazil: they are becoming more and more trendy in many regions around the world, according to Wild. As a result, the company is featuring soft drinks with natural citrus-mint flavors of peppermint and spearmint as well as juice. It also has a concept with citrus-ginger and citrus juice along with products featuring fresh and fruity natural guarana, maté and acaí extract. Usage for these ingredients include soft drinks, juices and energy drinks.

Middle East and Africa

In the countries of the Middle East and Africa,  research has revealed that consumers enjoy beverages with a well-defined malt flavor, no matter whether the drink is pure or flavored. New developments blend malt and juice such as flavors that match the tart malt note. In addition, consumers prefer fruity sweet beverages. One Wild innovation which responds to this trend is “mouthfeel drinks,” beverages which create a rich sensation in the mouth. A combination of fruit and creamy dessert flavors provides a unique taste sensation: popular fruit flavors are rounded off with a top note from the field of confectionery, such as orange-peach with ice cream flavor.

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