Forward Thinking: Aloe and Agave Redefined

Aloe vera and Agave americana are both perennial, succulent plants that at first glance look alike. Aloe vera is native to Africa, and is now grown in South Africa, Latin American and the Caribbean. The gel from the pulp of aloe leaves has been used for centuries to treat burns, wounds and skin conditions, and as a laxative. In its unprocessed form, it is most commonly used to treat sunburn. Today, aloe is a ubiquitous ingredient used in skin care and personal care products
Agave americana, also known as the century plant and maguey in Mexico, is often mistaken for aloe. It is of Mexican origin and frequently associated iwth the production of tequila. However, just as champagne can only from from the Champagne region of France, tequila can only be made from blue agave (Agave tequilana) from Jalisco, Mexico.

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