New Opportunities in Sensory Innovation for Flavor Ingredients

The report helps to understand these drivers and their effects. In addition, emerging technologies, new business practices and novel R&D are driving developments in sensory innovation.

Ethnic Food

The impact of travel and immigration has led to a general increase in the range and complexity of foods available (and expected) in most developed regions. The number of people traveling to all continents has increased in recent years. Increased travel means increased awareness and knowledge about diverse cultures, food and flavors.

There is predicted continued growth in the value of the ethnic food retail market in both the United States and Europe. Asian cuisine is expected to show the highest rate of growth in Europe, but the growth rates for Chinese, Indian and Mexican foods are also high and offer opportunities for manufacturers.

Garlic—a flavor often associated with ethnic and international food—accounted for 2.0% of new product launches in this food group. The popularity of garlic in the natural foods group shows a trend towards the fusion of natural foods with ethnic foods.

Other topcis discussed: Healthy and Indulgent; Naturals; Functional foods; Dark chocolate; Confectionery; Ethical Flavors for the Future

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