Editor's Note: A Single Ingredient Can Tell Many Stories


“Stories matter. Many stories matter. Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign, but stories can also be used to empower and to humanize,” said award-winning Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, during a 2009 Ted talka.

One of the most dynamic aspects of the F&F industry is its global story. For those of you who are taking a break to read this or for those who are busy formulating the next win, you hail from all corners of the world and bring a unique story to work with you each day. Each day, you can tell a new story with an ingredient to transport the senses and create lasting impressions.

Sensory Stories

Adichie has not only captured in vivid detail the rich sensory world to describe her home country in her compelling and stunning novels, but she has also spoken at length about the importance of including narratives outside of the Western perspective as a tool to unify humanity.

Right now, Africa’s stories are being told through creative mediums in film, art and music. Conscious, connected and savvy Millennials make up a third of the continent’s population. As interest and enthusiasm for Africa grow, it’s an opportunity for F&F to grow with it (page 26).

We also take a closer look at some of the sweet spots in the confectionery market (page 54). Driven by wellness and globally-inspired flavors, the segment is projected for steady growth in Europe, the United States and MEA with $83 billion by 2023b, $52.6 billion by 2025c and $16 billion by 2023d, respectively.

In fragrance, non-alcoholic solvents are the rage with implications for that coveted natural label and functional benefits that blur the line between fragrance and cosmetics (page 30); and in flavor, the natural flavor market (page 18) is bubbling, literally, as sparkling beverages drive flavor innovations to new heights.

Adichie’s words are inspiring not only because the F&F industry is writing sensory stories every day, but because it’s a reminder that there is always more than one way to tell those stories.

I hope you enjoy this issue.

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