Top 5 Chocolate Confectionery Trends for 2018


Infiniti Research has released its list of the top five chocolate confectionery trends for 2018.

A classic among sweet treats fans, chocolate confectioneries are finding new growth in innovation through unique flavors and new textures. The company predicts that these are the top chocolate confectionery trends for 2018:

  • Desserts in chocolates. Though chocolate has been commonly used in many desserts, only recently have those desserts made their way back into chocolates. Everything from crepes, crème brulée and tiramisu, as well as milkshakes and icecream are being used as ingredients for chocolate confections. 
  • Twist of citrus. Outside of traditional orange flavors, lemon flavors are growing in popularity within the category.
  • Serving of chocolate and vegetables. Though not as popular as dessert flavored chocolate or citrus flavors, vegetables are increasingly being used in chocolate confections. More exotic flavors such as purple sweet potato chocolate have launched in Japan.
  • A bit of crunch with cereal. Cereal has been making its way into chocolate bars for some time, but they are now including granolas, quinoa and muesli. This trend has emerged as more people are looking for chocolate with a bit of crunch.
  • Feeling peachy. Peach-flavored chocolates are growing along with citrus, cherry and strawberry.

“Factors like the growing number of consumers who are interested and more than willing to give even the most outrageous innovations in the food industry are fueling the growth,” said an industry expert from Infiniti.

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