Utilizing Digital Olfaction for Odor Sensing in F&F

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Exploring the benefits of utilizing digital olfaction to complement and improve human panels.

Odor has such a strong impact on consumer behavior and perception of quality. Although manufacturers still rely on human panels to characterize the olfactive nature of products in food, flavors and fragrances, these panels are often subjective and show a lack of repeatability and reproducibility.

During Flavorcon Virtual 2021, "Unlocking the Power of Objective Odor Data for Food, Flavors and Fragrances," features Aryballe's Fanny Turlure, Ph.D., who will discuss the advantages of digital olfaction.

Digital olfaction offers a consistent, objective method that can complement and even improve these human panels. Organizations are beginning to integrate these tools into their R&D, quality and manufacturing operations to add odor data to their full picture of a product.

Fanny Turlure, Ph.D., global product manager, Aryballe

As global product manager, Fanny Turlure, Ph.D., guides the efforts of Aryballe’s devices team for the development of new hardware products and improvement of existing products based on customer feedback and market needs. Prior to her role at Aryballe, Turlure worked in the bioscience field—in both Europe and the U.S., Turlure holds a Ph.D. from Imperial College London in Cell and Molecular Biology.

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