Researchers Find Cypriot Grapes Withstand Droughts

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Researchers found compounds in the Cypriot wines were comparable to Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc.

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have found grape varieties native to Cyprus, which can tolerate drought conditions better than some international varieties, per Technology Networks. 

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This study measured the concentration of varietal thiols in a small selection of Cypriot wines and the concentration determined in these wines was comparable to those found in popular Australian wines such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc.

These varietal thiols are important compounds in certain varieties when fruity,” “tropical” and “citrus” aromas are desired. While this study was a preliminary investigation, it highlights the importance of thiols in white wines. However, its role in red wines is not well understood.

Winemaking practices that affect thiols, such as the handling of the grapes prior to fermentation, could be applied to these varieties to be able to meet the desired wine style, whether it be to enhance or reduce these characteristics.

The study published in OENO One follows earlier research with Cypriot grape varieties Maratheftiko and Xynisteri in particular, which showed it adapted well to a hot climate and continue to perform well as the climate becomes hotter, according to Technolgy Networks.

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