FEMA 100th Anniversary Program Details

The Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA) will celebrate its 100th anniversary at its Annual Convention being held May 3-6, 2009 at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. In recognition of this milestone, the organization has prepared some special celebrations including a black tie centennial gala dinner on Tuesday, May 5, and some surprises during the Monday, May 4 general session. To add a sense of history and prestige to the occasion, FEMA is inviting past presidents, former members, and other members of the flavor and extract community to join in the celebration. In addition, the book FEMA: A Century of Great Taste, commemorating the first 100 years of FEMA’s history, will be distributed.

Speaker Lineup
FEMA has created a program to look at the challenges and opportunities facing the future of the flavoring industry.

  • Alan Wilson, CEO of McCormick and Company Inc. will give the keynote presentation. McCormick has a unique position as both a founding member of FEMA and, according to a FEMA statement, "a strong flavoring supplier that understands the industry and the important foundations of the last 100 years." Wilson will speak about McCormick’s historical perspective on the industry and discuss the important issues and opportunities it faces in the future. Through McCormick’s dual perspective, i.e. its significant reach in consumer products and the food industry's view of flavoring, Wilson will highlight challenges and prospects for flavoring and food industry partnership.
  • Marco Marsan, the self-titled billion-dollar problem solver of the innovation consultancy Marco Polo Explorers, will bring a practical marketing perspective based on his significant experience with numerous new products. He will focus on the connection between flavors and brands, how these connections shape consumers’ future expectations about products, how these expectations impact product design, and how consumers react to new innovations related to food or flavorings.
  • Tim Gilbertson of Utah State University will speak about the science of flavorings and the physiological perception processes. He will show attendees where the science is heading and how it will impact food formulation and consumer food choices.

FEMA has made some additional changes elsewhere in the convention program. In a break from the past, and in response to members’ feedback, the organization has scheduled two full days of committee meetings to enable members to attend more meetings and still have time for business networking with colleagues. FEMA’s committees will celebrate their history as well as discuss future opportunities and prospects for each committee’s issues. A complete and detailed coverage of each of the sessions will be included in FEMA’s Annual Convention brochure and on the FEMA Web site.

For more details, contact FEMA; tel: 1-202-293-5800; e-mail the organization here.

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