3 Articles You Might Have Missed in P&F March 2019


The art of naturals and extractions are explored in the March 2019 issue of Perfumer & Flavorist. In this issue, we also examine the latest flavor and fragrance ingredients, technologies, research and science that are creating opportunities in the F&F market. 

Available in a convenient, easy-to-read digital format, Perfumer & Flavorist's digital edition provides industry and technical insight to the flavor and fragrance industries. Some of the article that you might have missed in the March 2019 issue of Perfumer & Flavorist include:

  1. Authentication of Natural Peppermint Oil. This article explores the application of carbon-14 testing as a method to authenticate naturally sourced peppermint oil and screen for adulteration.
  2. Bio-Based Butanol as a Solvent for Essential Oil Extractions. The authors outline the differences seen in butanol, ethanol, water and hexane extractions for lavender and mint (including volatile and organoleptic analyses).
  3. Unraveling the Mystery of Olfaction. In this literature review, we examine how genes, biological systems and stem cells are unraveling the mysteries of our senses.

Delivered monthly, the digital edition of Perfumer & Flavorist is the quickest and easiest way to stay on top of all the flavor and fragrance industry news.

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