Raw Material Bulletin: September 2014

Mediterranean pine (FEMA# 2906, EINECS, CAS# 8023- 99-2) from Ventos is obtained from the forests of Southeast Spain and is processed through steam distillation of pine (Pinus halepensis) splinters. Its odor, which is drier and greener than other pine essences, is reminiscent of the Mediterranean forest and has a pine nut smell. It is widely used in perfumery for fragrance compounds, and blends well with lemon, cypress, cedarwood and rosemary.

SAFC supplies cinnamyl acetate, natural, 95% (FEMA# 2293, CAS# 103-54-8), which has sweet, spicy, floral, cinnamon and honey taste characteristics with a tutti frutti nuance. Its odor characteristics are sweet, floral, cinnamon, spicy, estery and powdery, with a rosy nuance. Suggested flavor and fragrance applications include apple, balsam, cassia, fruit, peach, pineapple, vetiver and mimosa.

Symrise offers a new crystalline quality of Ambrocenide ((4aR,5R,7aS,9R)-octahydro-2,2,5,8,8,9a-hexamethyl-4H-4a,9- methanoazuleno[5,6-d]-1,3-dioxole). Ambrocenide Cryst., recently shown at the 2014 World Perfumery Congress, is powerful, ambery, warm and woody. This aroma molecule imparts a unique vibrant sensation and powerful, distinct, intense aura in fragrance compositions.

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