“Exploding” Formulas, GHS and Other Compliance Issues for Flavor Suppliers

Regulatory must become a core competency of every flavor company today, Michael Bloom (Flavor & Fragrance Specialties) stated during a panel discussion at the annual convention of the National Association of Flavors & Food-ingredient Systems (NAFFS). He added that safety and efficacy are not the focus; instead, this competency is wholly centered around meeting a legal or regulatory test.

Key points raised by panelists are detailed in the present article. However, Bloom conceded there is no single panacea for regulatory compliance. Stephen Somers, Sr. (Vigon International), added that the best automated system might provide about 90% accuracy, and that companies will require multiple systems to ensure regulatory compliance, all of which should be compatible with other existing systems. Quality assurance staff will therefore have to make up the knowledge gap left over.

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