[Podcast] New EU Flavor Compliant EveValencene 94% by Evolva

300x300 Michaelevolva

If there is one thing that is always to be expected of Mother Nature, it’s the unexpected: unpredictable seasons and inconsistent crops are par for the course, making it difficult to forge a predictable and reliable supply chain for ingredients such as orange peel.

Enter EveValencene 94% by Evolva. Brewed from sugar as opposed to extracted from orange peel, EveValencene 94% aims to offer formulators a sustainable and affordable option: 1 kg is the equivalent of 2.5 million kg of oranges (the equivalent of the annual yield of 10,000 orange trees).

In this exclusive podcast sponsored by Evolva, Michael Malone, vice president of flavors & fragrances, discusses how consumer demand and innovations in technologies came together to help the company create the ingredient, which is now accessible to the market.

Said Malone: “The introduction of our EveValencene 94% will fill the gap that currently exists for a high-purity valencene compliant with the European Union flavor ingredient regulations and will meet the needs of flavor manufacturers within Europe.”

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