Symrise Explores the Craft Food Consumer


As part of Symrise's initiative to understand craft market drivers, the company has released an ebook with insight into the American craft food and beverage consumers. 

Taking insight from blogs, forums, trend reports, expert interviews and trips to popular craft establishments, Symrise has identified several key drivers of craft consumers. The research found that:   

  • Consumers want something unique. When looking for craft products, consumers are willing to take risks or experiment with their food and beverages. They also value products that are unique and hand-made.
  • Millennials crave authenticity. As consumers grow more conscious and curious about their food and beverage products, millennials specifically are looking for authentic and experiential food and flavor experiences, making them lean heavily towards craft or artisan products.
  • It’s all about the experience. To learn more about craft in practice, Symrise visited Brooklyn’s Blue Bottle Coffee and the glassmaking company Urban Glass where the team learned more about the value patrons place on unique personal experiences.
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