Top 4 Flavor Headlines of August 2023

According to this month's top headlines, readers are hungry for flavor facility debuts, industry restriction updates as well as taste and smell research.
According to this month's top headlines, readers are hungry for flavor facility debuts, industry restriction updates as well as taste and smell research.
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From flavor center debuts to upcoming Flavorcon conference sessions to industry updates, we took a look at the most trending coverage from this month. 

Here are the top four flavor-forward headlines P&F+ readers were craving the most in August 2023.

1. Döhler Group Acquires Boon Flavors Thailand to Expand Footprint in Southeast Asia

Döhler has announced the acquisition of Boon Flavors, a premium flavor house located in Bangkok, Thailand. As part of this acquisition, Boon Flavors will be known as Döhler Thailand going forward and be managed by the company's founder, Piya Boonnamkitsawad.

In 2018, Boon built a state-of-the-art flavor plant in Bangkok. Boon will have access to all of Döhler’s taste technologies and as well as application labs in Indonesia and Thailand.

2. Report: De Facto Suspension of Vanilla Extract Exports to the EU

On August 9, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service posted the De Facto Suspension of Vanilla Extract Exports to the EU report.

Report highlights: U.S. exporters of vanilla extract are advised not to ship product to the European Union until further notice. The European Union introduced a requirement for an official certificate providing guarantees from the U.S. Government about the compliance of U.S. vanilla extract with the EU’s maximum residue levels of ethylene oxide. There is no current U.S. Government process for providing the standardized certificate which the EU is now requiring as a condition for entry of vanilla extract from the United States. The EU will not accept third-party certificates from other testing facilities, including those in the EU. 

For the entire report, visit the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.

3. IFF Completes North America Creative and Design Center Expansion

On August 15, 2023, IFF announced the completion of its North American Creation and Design Center in New Century.

The center's upgrade includes the addition of two flavor creation labs, the expansion of existing food application design labs for dairy, bars, culinary and bakery, and a new lab for pet food development. The New Century facility is said to be the company’s second-largest creative center in North America and houses ten labs, and six state-of-the-art pilot plants.

4. Mouthfeel: The Next Frontier in Flavor Perception

Ready to talk research? This year at Flavorcon, Monell Chemical Senses Center's senior research fellow Linda Flammer, Ph.D., for her session "Mouthfeel: The Next Frontier in Flavor Perception."

This talk provides a brief overview of the sensory systems involved in the food and beverage experience and then a deeper dive into "mouthfeel." Mouthfeel includes sensations such as the thickness of chocolate milk, the creaminess of ice cream or the astringency of red wine. Mouthfeel is a key driver in consumer acceptance and rejection of products. We'll review the oral anatomy and receptors thought to be responsible for mouthfeel, take a peek at individual differences in mouthfeel perception, and finally examine the burgeoning field of oral tribology. Oral tribology is the study of friction and lubrication between the moving surfaces in the mouth. The field is providing important insights into how to formulate foods with less fat or with plant-based proteins that provide textures that delight the consumer.

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