Mexico-based Innoval Döhler Becomes a 100% Döhler Subsidiary

Innoval Döhler, based in Mexico City, is now a 100% Döhler subsidiary and thus will be fully integrated into the globally active Döhler group headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany.

Juan Maldonado, previously commercial director at Grupo Altex, will lead the company as general manager. Gustavo León and Ricardo León, son of the founder of Innovación Alimentaria and the company's managing director until now, will remain with the company.

The Mexican ingredient specialist Innovación Alimentaria was founded in 1992 by Gustavo León. Döhler acquired close to 40% of the company back in 2006. Managed jointly by Innovación Alimentaria's founder and Döhler, the company has since developed into Döhler's most important hub in Central America under its new name, Innoval Döhler. Doehler Mexico S.A. de C.V., as the 100% Döhler subsidiary will now be called, will also be increasingly active in the U.S. and Canada markets.

An additional expertise of Doehler Mexico is the development of tailored sweetening systems and innovative low-calorie food and beverage applications. By acquiring all the shares in Innoval Döhler, Döhler said it has "taken crucial steps towards further expansion in North and Central America." 

In addition to its portfolio of natural ingredients and ingredient systems, the company said this approach also includes the development of innovative food and beverage product applications for the region.

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