Ernesto Ventos SA

Carretera Real, 120A
Sant Just Desvern
Barcelona E-08960

A wide team consisting of qualified people to give an excellent service. Ventós has a team of 250 professionals to provide a worldwide service. At Ventós, we invest constantly in technology and human ressources so as to guarantee a continuity in the quality of the products we supply, being conscious that it is an essential and useful service to our clients.

Ventos headquarters and principal warehouses are located in Barcelona, covering a total area of 30.000 m2. A refrigerated area with a constant temperature and capacity for over 300 tons guarantees the conservation of our products in optimum condition. Our warehouses comply with all current European legislation on the storage of flammable products and/or environmental contaminants

To get the best raw material, at the right time, and at the most competitive price requires a perfect organization and a close working partnership with our suppliers. In this way, we can give an answer to our clients' needs. 

Good company logistics are vital to the smooth running of Ventós. This requires the “sine qua non” factor of flawless coordination among our different departments: purchasing with sales, sales with expeditions, expeditions with warehouse, warehouse with quality control, quality control with purchasing…

Ernesto Ventós S.A. takes care to ensure that its products comply with all these specifications, not only those connected with quality but also those deriving from the legislation of the different governing bodies and from the industry itself. As active members of a number of associations in the sector, as IFEAT, AEFAA, AMAF and EFEO, we keep up to date with all new developments in pertinent legislation, anticipating the needs of our clients, offering quality assistance and supplying up-to-date technical documentation.

  • Flavor Raw Material Supplier
  • Fragrance Raw Material Supplier