Recreating Scents and Tastes With Aromyx’s Latest Software Tool


Aromyx has introduced its Magic Search software tool, a feature of the Allegory Software toolkit designed to deconstruct and reconstruct flavors and fragrances.

Magic Search allows users to deconstruct the EssenceChip measurement of a perfume or beverage into its constituent receptor responses, along with showing every possible recipe to make that flavor or fragrance.

“At its most basic, a smell or taste is a pattern of receptors in the nose or tongue responding to odorant molecules within a perfume or cola,” said Ed Costello, Aromyx vice president of Engineering. “Magic Search algorithmically parses that pattern and shows you all the possible combinations of chemicals that create that same pattern.”

“Aromyx sensor technology has advanced to the point in which we can imagine moving flavor and fragrance into the modern world of computation,” added James Kaufman, Ph.D., American Physical Society Fellow and science and pattern formulation expert. “Industries such as automotive and aerospace have made that transition, and now the food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, and flavors and fragrances industries can move from trial and error to computation.”

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