T. Hasegawa Introduces Boostract Natural Flavor Modifier

The natural modifier enhances flavor, amplifies taste characteristics and improves “kokumi” mouthfeel effect.
The natural modifier enhances flavor, amplifies taste characteristics and improves “kokumi” mouthfeel effect.

T. Hasegawa USA has introduced its new natural flavor modifier, Boostract, to the North American market.

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Developed over a two-year period, Boostract solves a recurring challenge that food and beverage brands face: delivering a consistent taste experience to consumers.

This technology aims to add or enhance the effect of kokumi (which translates to “rich taste” in Japanese). Kokumi increases the richness of taste while maintaining balance between different flavors for a more satisfying experience in foods and beverages.

In addition, Boostract is an effective masking agent, eliminating unwanted flavor notes in confectionary products and functional gummies while boosting the desired flavors in protein bars, ice cream and more.

Boostract is developed through three different mechanisms including extraction, enzyme and thermal reaction technology. These mechanisms are used alone, or in various combinations, depending on the food or beverage product application.

The end result is a clean-labelled natural product that is not yeast-based like other flavor modifiers and can even be organic certifiable in the future.

T. Hasegawa’s VP of research and development, Jim Yang said, "The moment a food is harvested or produced, it typically begins declining in taste, so an extra flavor boost is required to better define a delicate flavor note. Often the nuances of flavor complexity are lost during large scale production, so Boostract enables us to deliver a better flavor and taste experience for our customers and ensure consistency in their products.”

“We are excited to offer this innovative flavor modifier to the North American market, after a long development period. T. Hasegawa is the leader in this technology and our customers are already giving us great feedback and planning future products to include Boostract," said Yang.


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