Flavor R & D at a Consumer Products Company

The difference in perspective between a flavor supply company and a consumer products company has a large effect on the day to day activities of flavor development or research chemists; therefore, I would like to discuss these differences and how they affect our growth and development within the flavor profession. I would also like to talk about the process of developing a flavor for a new beverage product for our company, Pepsi, and to give a feeling of what issues regarding the flavor selection and commercialization are critical, which may help others to understand what happens when a flavor is tested for use in anew product.

Pepsi-Cola Beverages is a major division of Pepsico Inc. This beverage division is composed of three subdivisions including Pepsi-USA, Pepsi International, and Pepsico Wines and Spirits. Our Flavor Group at Pepsi-Cola supports these three beverage groups exclusively. The other Pepsico Divisions handIe their own Research and Development needs independently. Pepsi-Cola is a franchise business and our product is a flavor concentrate which we selI to our own bottlers exclusively. Our concentrate component contains not only the flavor, but any color, acidulate and juice necessary for the product. The bottler adds sugar and carbonated water, packages, and distributes the product in a franchised territory.

Pepsi-Cola Company is more than just Pepsi Cola. Although colas are our major product, we also make a wide range of flavor products both in the United States and internationally. We manufacture Mountain Dew, Slice (including apple, orange, lemon-Iime, and cherry-cola) and the Patio line of flavored sodas for use primarily in the United States.

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