Differences Between Gum Acacias for the Spray Drying of Citrus Oils

Substantial work has been published which has demonstrated that the flavor encapsulation matrix influences both flavor retention and oxidative stability. Several of these studies have included gum acacia as an encapsulation matrix.

Gum acacia, however, was treated as a single product when, in fact, numerous different gum acacias are now on the market and available for flavor encapsulation. It was considered of interest to evaluate different gum acacias for the encapsulation of single fold orange peel oil via spray drying. This is the subject of the research report which follows.

Materials and Methods

This study was conducted in two parts. The first part served as a screening study for the second part. Matrix Composition: The infeed matrices evaluated in this study are presented in Table I. Capsul and N-Lok were obtained from National Starch Corp., (Bridgewater, NJ), Maltrin M-100 from Grain Processing Corp. (Muscatine, IA) and the gum acacias from Colloides Naturels (Bridgewater, NJ). The gum number 28830 is a traditional gum acacia from Senegal while the other gums are proprietary blends of West African gums.

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