Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: January February 2004

Gerard Mosciano is joined by Judith Michalski, senior creative flavorist, Edlong Flavors; Carl Holmgren, chief creative flavorist, director of flavor development, Brooklyn by Perfetti Ltd.; and Douglas Young, flavor chemist, in the organoleptic evaluations presented here.

2-Methyl Tetrahydro Furan-3-one, Coffee Furanone Source: Frutarom FEMA# 3373, CAS# 3188-00-9, Nature identical Natural occurrence: Guava, roasted onion, baked potato, tea, tomato, thyme, heated chicken and cooked beef, heated pork, beer, rum, cocoa, coffee, roasted peanuts, soy. Odor: @ 0.10 percent. Creamy, musty, pyridine-like, roasted coffee, brown caramel, meaty pot roast and brown gravy-like. Taste: @ 0.1 to 5 PPM. Musty beany, coffee and cocoa-like, vegetative celery-like, savory roasted meaty with a creamy latte coffee nuance. Possible applications: Vegetative notes, cocoa, nut flavors such as almond, peanut, pecan, hazelnut and macadamia, rum, dolce de leche, butterscotch, cereal and bread notes as well as savory roasted meaty nuances.

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