Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials


In this monthly column, senior flavorist Judith Michalski describes the odor, taste and suggested applications for several materials.

For example, 4,5-Dimethyl-3-hydroxy-2,5-dihydrofuran-2-one, 1% in ethanol, natural (synonyms: caramel furanone, sotolone) from Vigon, FEMA# 3634, CAS# 28664-35-9, natural, is described as follows: This particular extract of vanilla has a delicate creamy character which will enhance any flavor of its namesake. It will also add depth to custard, crème brûlée, milk, cream and many other sweet dairy flavors. Brown flavors like caramel, chocolate, white chocolate and toffee, as well as marshmallow and cream soda, will benefit from its use.

This edition features discussions of 2-Isopropyl-5-methyl-2-hexenal (synonym: isodihydrolavandulal), 2,3-Epoxyoctanal, 2,3-Epoxydecanal, black pepper oleoresin and more.


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