Natural Product Supply Bulletin: Patchouli, Mexican Lime and the Crimean Conflict

In the first of a series of occasional columns, Howarth et al. provide a review of key issues affecting the global supply of natural flavor and fragrance ingredients. – Editor-in-Chief

Market Spotlight

It is to be expected that when dealing with natural products in a global market there will be many factors influencing raw material availability, qualities and, of course, prices. Each year the industry is faced with a new set of challenges, and no matter how well one plans, no one can say with any certainty what those challenges will be next year. This never-ending cycle keeps everyone on their toes and makes the industry both challenging and interesting at the same time. The only weapon that suppliers and buyers have to fight this challenge is remaining knowledgeable and staying open-minded about the conditions that can affect both supply and demand.



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