Biotechnology Enters Its Next Phase


“Biotech flavors could replace some natural flavors, being manufactured within a controlled environment at a lower cost,” notes a recent UBIC Consulting ( report. “They can also replace some nature-identical flavors and justify a natural label.” Indeed, flavor and fragrance industry investments in biotechnology- derived ingredients has ramped up in recent years, reflecting a recognition of potential advantages compared to some conventional counterparts, including: affordability, availability, efficiency of production and low environmental impact.

Natural Preference in Fragrance and Flavors

Consumers’ growing preference for natural products is nothing new, but it is increasing. “One-third of consumers say they ‘prefer personal care products made with natural or organic ingredients,’ including 25% of men and 38% of women,” notes a recent Kantar ( report.

The report adds that the preference, depending on age range, is as high as 43% and 33% for women and men, respectively. Meanwhile, in the home care arena, a 2013 Mintel ( report explains, “64% of consumers said they would buy more eco-friendly products if they were less expensive.” This attitude has been accompanied by a push by major retailers such as Walmart and Target into the natural household and personal care space.

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