Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

Vanilla Oil CO2 from Synthite, FEMA# 3105, CAS# 8024-06-4 exhibits sweet, beany, brown, spicy, slightly smoky, woody, dried fruitlike and balsamic. Its taste at 3 ppm is characterized by sweet, brown, beany, woody, creamy and balsamic. Its taste at 6 ppm exhibits a sweet, woody, vanillin, smoky, brown and balsamic taste. Possible applications are suitable for all vanilla types of flavors, as well as sweet browns like chocolate, butterscotch, brown sugar, maple, etc.

Other areas where it will shine are in dried fruit flavors like date and raisin as well as savory flavors like bacon and barbecue. It can also be useful in lending casky notes to whiskey and other barrel-aged liquors.

This edition features discussions of cumin seed oil, ginger oil CO2, green ginger oil and more.

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