Naturals Heritage, Ethical Future

Forthcoming changes to EU flavor regulations; consumer trends surrounding notions of health, wellness and sustainability; the specter of commoditization; and the need for new signature effects for formuations have driven the evolution of naturals. Powering this evolution are sourcing strategies adn technological innovations that create new and differentiated natural ingredients for flavors and fragrances. A recent visit to Provence, France, and discussions there with Mane's fragrance division director (EMEA), Christope Marin; vice president of specialty ingredients (EMEA), Jean-Pierre de Mattos; ingredients account manager Christian Eberhardt; and vice president, specialty ingredients, Americas, Celine Roche, shed light on these issues, natural ingredients and the role of technology in a sustainable future.

Based in Bar-sur-Loup and founded in 1871, Mane affords a look at the past and future of fl avor and fragrance ingredients and formulation. The two facilities there, Notre Dame and La Sarrée, produce natural extracts, molecules, aroma chemicals and specialties, in addition to housing R&D activities, creative work, automated fragrance and fl avor blending, and encapsulation activities.

As the industry, and the company, emerged from a diffi cult 2009, Mane has continued to invest in ethical sourcing, technology and facilities to support innovation required by today’s marketplace, particularly in light of the emergence of “cultural creatives.” This group, the company notes, have emerged around the world and are “responsible, willing to protect the environment, enhance quality of life, promote social justice, create a sustainable society, and therefore are part of the green movement.”

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