Flavor Bites: Flavor Creation in India


I love India. It is a fascinating country to visit, and has the imminent potential to become the world’s largest flavor market. I have traveled to India on occasion for many years, and was lucky to be closely involved in the Indian market, especially at a time when it was not easy for foreign companies to gain a toehold.

Flavor Preferences

Flavor preferences in India are as anarchic as everything else. While some linger from the time of British sovereignty—especially in the bakery and sugar confectionery segment— many are uniquely Indian. At the same time, US flavor profiles have a certain degree of influence, but are generally less prevalent than in the rest of the world.Many of the flavors currently on the Indian market are relatively traditional, but there is always a push from customers to make them more modern and realistic. However, this change is happening gradually, and it is wise to tread carefully—too big a change may not be acceptable to consumers. In my experience the top 10 flavors in India, in descending order, are orange, lemon and lemon lime, mango, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, butter, pineapple, banana, and raspberry.

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