A Preliminary Report on the World Production of Some Selected Essential Oils and Countries

Examination of the published literature reveals that data on the world production of essential oils is scarce and in some cases non-existent. In 1974, and again in 1986, reports on the market and production levels of oils and oleoresins were published by UNTAD/GATT.1,2 Lawrence reported on the commercial production of essential oils in the United States other than citrus oils.3 Lawrence published a survey on the world production of essential oils for the year 1984.4 Verlet also surveyed the production of oils worldwide, much of which supported the earlier published data.5-7 The data contained in this article was originally presented at a one-day meeting organized by Società Italiana delle Scienze e delle Tecniche Erboristiche (S.I.S.T.E.) on Sept. 12, 2008, in Bologna, Italy.

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