Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials


Orange Peel Extract Natural #6140
Supplier: Advanced Biotech
FEMA# 2824, CAS# 8008-57-9, Citrus sinensis
Odor: @ 100%. Citrus, orange, slightly juicy, terpeney and brown.
Taste: @ 0.3%. Slightly oily, cooked, orange and pithy.
Possible application: This orange product has moderate citrus notes and might be considered for adding further depth to citrus flavors like grapefruit and yuzu, as well as punch and herbal teas.
Advanced Biotech:

Lemon Peel Extract Natural #6159
Supplier: Advanced Biotech
GRAS, CAS# 84929-31-7, Citrus limon
Odor: @ 100%. Citrus, cooked, slightly phenolic and lemon.
Taste: @ 0.3%. Lemon peel, oily, slightly bitter and slightly brown.
Possible applications: A more subtle extract of lemon, this product will add another dimension to lemon and citrus flavors as well as to teas and herbals.
Advanced Biotech:

Grapefruit Extract WONF Natural Organic #6104
Supplier: Advanced Biotech
FEMA# n/a, CAS# n/a
Odor: @ 100%. Grapefruit, citrus, fatty, waxy and slightly aldehydic.
Taste: @ 0.2%. Grapefruit, waxy, bitter and aldehydic.
Possible applications: Of course, grapefruit flavors are the best application for this material. But, at lower levels, it will enhance other citrus blends and flavors like orange, mandarin and yuzu as well as melon, cucumber and green pepper.
Advanced Biotech:

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