Editor's Note: Strength in Diversity



Nature! … Each of her works has an essence of its own; each of her phenomena a special characterization: and yet their diversity is in unity. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Was Goethe aware of the relationship between naturals, microbes and fermentation technology and their ability to unify and expand the F&F industry? Consumers continue to request more natural, cleaner, organic, non-GMO and transparently labeled ingredients in their products, which provides the F&F industry an opportunity to look deeper into the “culture” of clean ingredients.

This issue, we take a look at improvements in fermentation technology and the relationship between key nutritional actives and microbes ("Formulating Synthetics the Microbial Way" by Christina Agapakis) to help shape innovative R&D.

Understanding the differences in biochemistry, chemistry and curing processes in vanilla and cocoa, for example, may offer insight to producing more sustainable and high quality flavor materials ("Comparing Vanilla and Cocoa Processes" by Patrick Dunphy and Krishna Bala). Vanilla and cocoa, the nibs and pods of the F&F industry, are part of a volatile market that are linked to environmental, processing and economic factors. Traditional methods are often replaced with industrialized processes which in turn reduces quality and flavor. What can we learn from the two plants’ biology and processing techniques in order to maintain a stable market that produces the highest quality ingredients that we know and love?

I hope you enjoy this issue. Happy learning to you.

With warmth from New York City,

Deniz Ataman
Managing Editor


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