References list of flavoring substances in use in the United States

There are over 1700 substances used as flavoring materials in the United States. Many of these are in use in Europe as well. This compilation is an attempt to list all such substances alphabetically both by principal name and by all synonyms as well as to provide reference to the various lists both in the U.S. and Europe that contain these substances. This listing has no legal status. It should, therefore, be used for reference purposes only.

The substances included on the list are derived from three sources. The largest number are found in the published GRAS (generally recognized as safe) lists of the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers’ Association (FEMA). All substances listed in 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 121.1163, 121.1164, and 121.101(g) are included. Finally any additional substances reported in the 1970-71 FEMA survey of flavoring substances in use in the US are also included.

Numerical references are given to tbe above mentioned lists, as well as to three European lists of flavor substances. They follow each principal name. The first number following the principal name is that assigned the substance in one of the 8 FEMA GRAS lists: Numbers 2001-3124: GRAS 3; 3125-3249: GRAS 4; 3250-3325: GRAS 5; 3326-3390: GRAS 6; 3391-3423: GRAS 7; 3424-3444: GRAS 8; 3445-3475: GRAS 9; and 3476-3525: GRAS 10.

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