Naarden-Chiris--an expanded raw material source

Much has been reported on the major position that Naarden has acquired in the flavor and fragrance industry through the absorption of UOP Fragrances, Tbe result has been one of the very biggest of the international companies in this industry.

What is not generally recognized is that this same combination has produced what is probably the broadest and most complete line of both natural and chemical materials for flavors and fragrances available from a single organization, The traditional background of Naarden chemical manufacturing together with tbe even older and more traditional position of Chiris in high quality natural materials provide a most interesting opportunity for the combined organization to capitalize on great strength in both segments of the field.

The Naarden organization originated in 1905 with a glycerin distillation plant. From this it was but a short step to the distillation of flavor materials such as caraway seed oil that was produced in an area near the Naarden plant. This led the company into flavor materials and then into the full range of flavors.

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