2021 Leaders & Newsmakers: Kerry Grows with Acquisitions and Innovations

In Kerry’s newly developed sustainability strategy, the company’s goal is to reach more than 2 billion people with sustainable nutrition solutions by 2030.
In Kerry’s newly developed sustainability strategy, the company’s goal is to reach more than 2 billion people with sustainable nutrition solutions by 2030.

Kerry, Ireland

2020 Sales: €7 billiona

Progress in challenging times is the result of ingenuity and creativity. The Kerry Group harnessed both characteristics, among many others, to expand its reach across various platforms from technology advancements to acquisitions.

In late 2020, Kerry acquired Bio-K International, expanding Kerry’s portfolio of probiotics. CEO Edmond Scanlon will share more on the acquisition of the leading biotechnology company in the interview below.

Speaking of expanding, in April 2021, Kerry invested e30 million into a forthcoming taste facility in Karawang, Indonesia. The site is set to boast many resources for the company’s efforts in flavor innovation as well as sustainability by incorporating an on-site waste-water treatment plant aligning with its 2030 sustainability strategy, Beyond the Horizon.

Beyond the Horizon was launched in October 2020 along with a refreshed brand identity, reflecting the evolution of the business, as Kerry continues to meet the changing needs of both customers and consumers. Scanlon outlines the details on this initiative as well as the newly launched MyCommunity program.

In this year’s Leaders & Newsmarkers issue, Kerry reflects on the biggest business accomplishments and innovations of the last year, as well as shares the company’s outlook on the resilient F&F industry in a post-COVID environment.

aPer Kerry Group Annual Report 2020

Edmond Scanlon

CEO, Kerry Group

What was your company’s biggest business accomplishments in the last year?

We made good progress across a number of strategic fronts in the year despite the challenges posed by COVID-19. We moved into our new technology and innovation center in Shanghai, China, earlier in the year and commenced the strategic development of our operation in Georgia, U.S.A., to create a state-of-the-art facility to meet the increasing demand for integrated solutions across a variety of protein applications.

We also enhanced our proactive nutrition capabilities through the acquisition of Bio-K Plus International Inc., a leading biotechnology company, with a number of probiotics in beverage and supplement applications in Canada, as well as expanding our local taste capabilities in China and Latin America through the acquisitions of Jining Nature Group and Tecnispice, S.A. in Guatemala, both of which are leaders in savory taste in their respective markets.

We made good progress in enhancing our portfolio of food protection solutions, with the 2019 acquisitions of Biosecur and Isoage complementing our industry-leading capability and enhancing our ability to further extend the shelf life of products through our range of natural sustainable solutions.

Our new sustainability strategy, which we launched in October 2020, Beyond the Horizon, reflects the changing marketplace and the increased demand for sustainable food and beverage products. Our goal of reaching over two billion people with sustainable nutrition solutions by 2030, combined with our range of science-based targets, demonstrate how sustainable innovation and co-creation will be central to Kerry’s growth strategy in the coming decade and beyond.

For the full article, please check out the Perfumer & Flavorist+ July 2021 issue.

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