Symrise Collection Adds A Splash of Tea and Coffee to Dairy Applications


Symrise has released a collection of specialty flavors designed to deliver coffee and tea tastes to dairy applications, including milkshakes, yogurts, ice cream and other products.  

Following consumer research, the company released the collection of tea and coffee flavors to meet the demands of dairy beverages with unique and unusual ingredients. Flavors such as hazelnut, amaretto, salted caramel, cold brew mocha and hibiscus blossom chai latte have become popular in the coffee category, while matcha, chocolate, vanilla, Earl Grey and white peach are popular in tea. The flavors in the collection not only impart the desired taste to dairy applications, but the ingredients also provide masking benefits for astringent or sour notes.  

Consumers are looking for that premium experience in their food, which means pushing the boundaries on taste,” said Ian Thurston, senior category manager sweet at Symrise. “Our collection goes beyond what is expected in coffee and tea flavors, utilizing café favorites and unique tastes that pair perfectly with dairy indulgences.”

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