Forward Thinking: Liquid Assets, Part 1


The beverage category encompasses a large group of segments, including non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Market activity is being driven by bottled water, artisanal sodas, fortified protein beverages, tea and matcha, cold brew coffee, craft beer and cider, pre-made mixers, craft cocktails, and flavored whiskeys. Several key trends are impacting these beverage segments, according to industry experts.

First, consumers’ desire for healthier multifunctional beverages with clean ingredient labeling is forcing manufacturers to be more authentic and transparent.

Tess Martin, marketing manager, Givaudan Flavors Corp., says, “Not only are consumers today looking for more in-depth flavor combinations, they are looking for more function than ever from their beverages. In addition to refreshment, consumers expect beverages to hydrate, protect, defend, detox, revitalize, restore and replenish.”

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