An Indulgence in Your Cup: Troubleshooting and Innovating Coffee Flavors


“When coffee flavors first arrived on the scene,” Sansone explains, “they were mostly [referencing] alcoholic flavors because they were based on someone adding a cordial to their coffee after dinner—for example, sambuca, Irish cream, anisette, hazelnut/frangelica.” While standbys such as French vanilla and hazelnut remain top favorites, the flavor profiles have continuously evolved even as new flavors emerge. On this day, for example, the FFS team is at work on a line of comfort food flavors including devil’s food cake, oatmeal cookie, coconut crème pie and pecan pie. Sansone points out, “They’re dessert flavors … an indulgence in your cup without adding calories.”

Other topics discussed: FFS’ Roadmap for the Next 25 Years; A Flavor Philosophy; Evaluating Flavors: Drilling Down to Customer Intent; Iced Coffee Flavors; Emerging Flavors: Coffee and Beyond

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