Kingsford Introduces 100% Hardwood Pellets

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The pellets are made of all-natural ingredients and no fillers. Photo: Kingsford.

Kingsford, maker of wood-fired fuel, is introducing 100% Hardwood Pellets, expanding beyond charcoal.

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Kingsford 100% Hardwood Pellets are available in five flavors:  

  • Classic Wood Pellets, a blend of hickory, oak and cherrywood

  • Signature Wood Pellets, a blend of mesquite, oak and cherrywood

  • Hickory Wood Pellets, 100% hickory wood

  • Cherry Wood Pellets, 100% cherry wood

  • Maple Wood Pellets, 100% maple wood

Kingsford pellets are made with all-natural ingredients and no fillers, preservatives or binders.

Ram Gopalakrishnan, marketing director at Kingsford, said, "We're proud to use 100% hardwood in our pellets and want people to try for themselves, risk free. Kingsford gives it 100% when creating new products to ensure the use of top-quality ingredients and unmatched flavor, because no one fires up the grill with the goal of only getting 50% flavor."

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