TasteNrich®: Your Solution for Umami and Sodium Enhancement

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Discover TasteNrich by CJ Food & Nutrition Tech (CJ FNT), the innovative answer to elevated umami and sodium reduction. Crafted to meet modern consumer preferences, TasteNrich offers a versatile savory complex, elevating taste experiences across culinary applications.  

TasteNrich enhances flavor profiles by enriching up-front notes, creating a satisfying fullness, and amplifying salt perception. This unique capability empowers sodium reduction initiatives while preserving exceptional taste. Seamlessly integrating into an array of applications such as sauces, snacks, seasonings, plant-based options, and processed meats, TasteNrich offers outstanding culinary flexibility.  


With three customizable solutions, UF, B5, and LF, TasteNrich can serve a broad range of applications. SOLUTION UF is popular for its up-front fresh umami taste. SOLUTION B5 is used to achieve intense umami that harmonizes and balances the overall flavor with fullness and mouthfeel. SOLUTION LF is for that long-lasting rich full-bodied umami taste. At this year’s IFT in Chicago, CJ FNT demoed sweet onion potato chips with SOLUTION UF series. The chips showcased the solution’s ability to enhance top notes, perception of salt, and umami, all while reducing sodium content by 30%.  

In an era emphasizing ingredient integrity, TasteNrich shines as a trusted choice. Developed through fermentation with natural raw ingredients like vegetable sugar, it boasts authenticity without artificial additives. Its credentials include non-GMO, allergen-free, certified vegan, Kosher, and Halal designations, guaranteeing transparency and quality consumers seek.   

CJ FNT's commitment to innovation extends beyond TasteNrich. The business portfolio features FlavorNrich, an integral tool in savory flavor formulations, as well as ActiveNrich, WellNrich, and AMINATURE, catering to the ever-evolving landscape of active nutrition and lifestyle preferences. CJ FNT's experts are ready to craft solutions that cater to your business and customer demands. Learn more at www.cjfnt.net and unlock a new world of flavor possibilities. 


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