Wine & Fragrance

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Through fermentation, wine emits intricate fragrance accords and flavors that often find similarities with perfume.

The five human senses are doorways to nature’s boundless treasure house of sublime gifts. Two great elixirs, the world’s oldest known, that have charmed the human spirit since the beginning of history are fragrance and wine.

Rumi, the legendary Persian mystic, compares musk with the scent of love with the words, “Eshq bu ye moshk daarad, zaan sabab peyda shavad. Moshk ra key chaareh baashad joz, az in rosva shodan?” Love bears the scent of musk and hence it permeates. What choice does musk have but to make itself known?

Omar Khayyam, Persia’s great poet of wine, has compared the bliss of life to the juice of grapes. “Guyand kasaan ke behesht ba hoor khosh ast. Man miguyam ke aab e angoor khosh ast.” The world says paradise with its damsels is beautiful. I say the juice of grapes is more beautiful.

Both wine and scent come from the earth and are perfected with the labor of love.

For the full article, please check out the Perfumer & Flavorist+ May 2021 issue.