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Using the Categorizing Technique to Make Flavors

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I believe that the skills of a creative flavorist can be taught. We do it at Craftmaster. I know it is done elsewhere. How does one learn to develop flavors? There are two ways: inspiration and technique. Let’s just talk about technique. We’ll look at what a flavor compound is. We’ll define “flavor development,” and we’ll look at the “categorizing technique” for flavor development.

Flavor Development Vocabulary and Categories

Vocabulary: A flavor compound is composed basicafly of two parts: a flavor portion and a diluent portion. The function of the flavor portion is:

To characterize tbe desired flavor by simulating it and giving it a name.

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To maintain the character (character fixation).

To enhance the flavor impression and its acceptability (palatability).

To make the flavor difficult to simulate or duplicate.

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