Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

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This month’s column features discussions on jasmine absolute, natural vanillin and more.


2,3-Epoxyheptanal, 10% in TEC

Source: R C Treatt & Co. Ltd.

FEMA# 4658, CAS# 58936-30-4, not yet found in nature.

Odor: @ 1%. Fruity, green, musty and fatty with a citrus top note.

Taste: @ 0.2 ppm. Waxy, green and fruity.

Taste: @ 0.4 ppm. Waxy, green, citrus peel-like and fruity.

Possible applications: Although this aldehyde won’t provide character notes, it will contribute green depth to citrus flavors like orange, mandarin, yuzu and grapefruit flavors, as well as apple, pear, quince, pineapple, kiwi and mango.

R C Treatt & Co. Ltd:

Jasmine absolute

Source: Robertet

FEMA# 2598, CAS# 8022-96-6, Jasminum grandiflorum, natural.

Odor: @ 100%. Floral, sweet, powdery and salicylate-like with a hint of the barnyard.

Taste: @ 1 ppm. Sweet, powdery, floral and perfumy.

Taste: @ 2 ppm. Floral, sweet, perfumy, powdery and slightly green.

Possible applications: This gorgeous absolute will add glamour to all floral flavors including honeysuckle, orange blossom, rose, etc. A tiny touch in tea, berry, banana and strawberry will enlarge the profile without being overly floral.


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