Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

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Many of this month’s ingredients feature citrus, ginger and herbal notes.


Fenugreek absolute

Source: Robertet

FEMA# 2484, CAS# 68990-15-8

Odor: @ 100%. Slightly herbal, caramellic, brown, sweet and slightly woody.

Taste: @ 0.005%. Bitter, herbal, maplelike, brown and slightly cocoa.

Possible applications: This material is a good choice for sweet, brown flavors like maple, chocolate, caramel, butterscotch, dulce de leche, vanilla, coffee, licorice, and sweet spice flavors like cinnamon and clove, where it will add an interesting depth.

White thyme oil

Source: Berje

FEMA# 3065, CAS# 8007-46-3, natural, Thymus vulgaris L.

Odor: @ 100%. Green, cooling, earthy, herbal and fresh.

Taste: @ 1 ppm. Cooling, fresh, green, herbal and slightly woody with a peppery prickle.

Taste: @ 2 ppm. Slightly bitter, cooling, fresh, herbal and green with a peppery prickle.

Possible applications: This essential oil will fit very well into mint and oral care flavors as well as herb and spice blends. At very low levels, it can add a subtle note of freshness to melon and tropical flavors.


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