Chubby Snacks Announces Launch of New Flavors

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Chubby Snacks launches a new sandwich cloud shape and peanut butter jam flavors.

Chubby Snacks has announced the launch of its revamped sandwich with newly added flavors.

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Shaped liked a cloud, the sandwich will be available on the company’s website starting at $25 for those who subscribe, and $32 for one-time purchasers.

Current flavors include almond and sunflower butter paired with either blueberry or strawberry jam.

The newly added flavors include peanut butter and strawberry jam, as well as peanut butter and blueberry jam.

“We recently found an opportunity in the form of a cease and desist letter from one of the world's largest food brands," says Dillon Ceglio, founder and CEO. "The demand to change the shape of our sandwich or face legal action opened the door to a creative opportunity. Shaking up the food industry with 'better for you' snack options has always been our dream. This new cloud design represents exactly that; our lofty vision to re-imagine traditional, sugar-filled snacks.”

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