January 2018 Product Roundup: Dairy Innovations

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  • Yogurt with peaches in a glass jar

    Natural 2-Octen- 4-One

    Natural Advantage

    EU and U.S. natural, kosher, vegetarian and non-GMO, natural 2-octen- 4-one (FEMA# 3603) occurs naturally in roasted hazel nuts. Taste and odor characteristics feature a ripe, canned peach note and is used to create ripe/overripe strawberry, cherry, peach and apricot flavors. This product can also be used to round out yogurt flavors with mouthfeel and fruity sensations. Use levels at 2 ppm to 5 ppm as consumed.

  • A cracked open coconut

    Massoia Lactone Natural


    Massoia lactone natural (FEMA# 3744, CAS# 54814-64- 1) is a nearly colorless mobile liquid, naturally derived from the bark of the Indonesian Cryptocaria massoia tree. It has a creamy, milky, coconut-like taste with lingering piña colada accents when used at 5ppm in flavors. This material’s Food Grade and Kosher statuses make it suitable as an enhancer for baked goods, beverages or dairy products.

  • Cheese products

    9-Decenoic Acid

    Bedoukian Research

    9-decenoic acid (FEMA# 3660, CAS# 14436-32-9) adds creamy and fatty notes to milk, chocolate and a variety of dairy flavors. It also enhances waxy notes in cheese flavors and is an ideal addition to butter flavors. On blotter, it has a distinctive waxy, milky character with a slight hint of orange peel and mild fruity nuances, such as kiwi.

  • A kid drinking a glass of milk



    We offer a wide variety of lactones to help provide rich, creamy, savory, nutty, waxy and buttery notes to your next dairy inspired formulation.

  • A block of cheese

    Natural Methyl Thio Esters

    Excellentia International

    A series of natural methyl thio esters: methyl thiopropionate (FEMA# 4172, CAS# 5925-75-7), methyl thiobutyrate (FEMA# 3310, CAS# 2432-51-1),
    methyl thioisovalerate (FEMA# 3864, CAS# 23747-45-7) and methyl thiohexanoate). The range occurs naturally in aged cheeses including cheddar and camembert. Characteristics include cheesy, fermented, sulfurous, cooked allium and tropical and overripe fruit at levels of 2.0 ppm to 5.0 ppm.

  • Ice cream with raspberries

    Indian Vanilla Beans

    OQEMA (previously Lansdowne Aromatics)

    Indian vanilla beans (FEMA# 3105, CAS# 8047-24-3) are sweet and aromatic, like Madagascan beans, but with more subtle notes. Indian extract can be used in many of the same applications as well, such as ice creams, baking and chocolate applications where it’s slightly different profile will provide a new twist on a classic recipe.

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