[Podcast] Ticaloid Acacia MAX: High-Performance Emulsifier

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Discover the uses, benefits and sourcing methods of Ingredion's Ticaloid Acacia MAX.

High-performance emulsifier: Ticaloid Acacia MAX, the latest label friendly innovation from Ingredion. 

Acacia is an ingredient often used by formulators looking to achieve emulsification. Despite the many advantages, there are limitations to formulating with traditional acacia, particularly in flavor emulsions.

Ticaloid Acacia MAX helps formulators solve common limitations, enables formulators to achieve ingredient usage level reductions, high oil load emulsions and unweighted flavor emulsion concentrates, all while maintaining a friendly label declaration.

In this podcast sponsored by Ingredion, Janae Kuc (top), senior marketing manager, Beverage Catergory, alongside Derek Holthaus (bottom), senior principal scientist, discuss Ticaloid Acacia MAX's uses, benefits, sourcing methods and more. Click to listen!

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