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The Sweet Flavor of Innovation: Industry Responds to Sugar Reduction in Formulations

In order to prepare for the upcoming sugar tax in response to global concerns for health and wellness, the flavor industry is attempting to modulate sweet taste formulations without sacrificing taste.

Endpoint. F&F Keeps the Score on Health

Where will "sustainability" lead fragrance and flavor next in health and wellness?

Organoleptic Characteristic of Flavor Materials: June 2016

This month's edition features organoleptic discussions on oregano oleoresin, chamomile extract organic #7016, marjoram oleoresin, cinnamyl benzoate and more.

Flavor Bites: (E)-2-(3,7-Dimethyl 2,6-octadienyl) cyclopentanone

Overall, this quite complex chemical assumes a surprised resemblance to natural apricots.

Patent Pick: Taking Control Over Stevia's Sweetness

Rebaudioside D is in high demand. Just ask any dieter. Its impact on the sweetness of stevia is what drove these innovators to improve controls over its levels during the sweetener's production. This patent explains.

IFF Debuts Sustainability Strategy

International Flavors & Fragrances released its 2015 sustainability report and announced the launch of its new strategy for sustainability.

Fruit Flavor Trends on the Rise in the Craft Beer Market

Craft breweries in Michigan have been infusing different fruit combinations to its beers in attempts to differentiate its products from those of competitors.

Patent Pick: Sweet Tea Stands Jasmine Strong

We could all use more balance in our lives, as increased ailments and anxiety in society indicate. Perhaps we could all take a leaf—jasmine leaf, that is—from the pages of these inventors in their patent application for a balanced tea flavor.

Patent Pick: Yumming Up Yeast

There is little that beats the smell of warm, rising yeast in freshly baked bread— except perhaps its taste. The inventors on this patent claim to have improved even this flavor perfection. See if you agree.

3 New Trends Pop Up for Carbonated Soft Drinks

Craft sodas and healthier ingredients might be what carbonated soft drinks need in order to gain back shelf space and purchases by consumers.

Frutarom’s First Quarter Shows Record Breaking Income

Frutarom Industries Ltd., saw first quarter sales rise 32.7%, equaling $257.7 million and earning a net profit of $26.4 million. The Israeli flavoring and specialty ingredients company has completed 11 acquisitions from last year and five in 2016, amassing $182 million to assist with the monetary success of the company.

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