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Ithaca Releases Buffalo Ranch Hummus

With the release of its newest flavor comes a Game Day Box filled with everything needed for a Buffalo Ranch feast.

Goldfish Launches Cheddar and Sour Cream Flavor

First there was Cheddar Goldfish, then Sour Cream and Onion Goldfish, now...

Crazy Asian Wild Seltzer Launches Fruity Spring Flavor

This is the brands third flavor launch since its start in 2020.

WFFC Announces Virtual Annual Business Meeting

The virtual Annual Business Meeting will also feature a guest presentation from Odila Zocca, beekeeper, and her partner, Andrea Reichert, owners of O'honey

Blue Norther Debuts Variety Pack Hard Seltzer

Founded in 2019 as Austin’s own brand of hard seltzer, Blue Norther was developed by a father-son team native to Texas.

Mane Unveils New Spice Extracts Range

Mane's integration with Kancor has allowed for the development of its new generation of spice extracts.

Dead Sled Coffee Announces Kiss Collab

Kiss will be joining the line-up with other celebrities such as Vampira.

Baskin-Robbins Released Japanese New Year Inspired Flavor

The ice cream flavor is inspired by the classic New Year dishes, Kuri-kinton.

Hershey Announces 2021 Spring Launches

The brand is releasing new products like its Marshmallow Reese's as well as bringing back seasonal favorites from 2020.

Mountain Dew's 2021 Flavor Launches

Mountain Dew has brought forth its newest flavor with two more lined up for 2021.

McCormick Acquires FONA International

McCormick has acquired FONA International for $710 million in cash.

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

This month’s column features discussions on galbanum oil, genet absolute, nutmeg oleoresin and more.

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