Literature and Scent Come Together at Olfiction Ltd. Event

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Lavendar on an old book

Fragrance consultancy firm, Olfiction Ltd., will host a panel of perfumers and experts to discuss the relationship between literature and scent at the British Library on March 27, 2018. The event will be sponsored by CPL Aromos and Nactis/Synarome. 

The panel will explore scent's use in language and as a literary device, as well as sharing scents inspired by literature. The panel will consist of CPL Aromas perfumer Tim Gage, perfumer Achille Riviello and Pia Long, director of Olfiction Ltd. Additionally, literary translator and scent enthusiast, Marta Dziurosz, will open the event with a discussion on how scents are featured in literature. 

"I was presented with a text from 'Like Water for Chocolate' by Laura Esquivel as inspiration for a new fragrance and initially it read like a simple recipe," said Gage. "I quickly realized that what appeared to be an apparently simple rose base for the fragrance was in fact very complex, as it involved gourmand fragrance notes, such as quail and chestnut that we don't have in the perfumery palette. The creative process began. I was able to create this unusual fragrance using one of CPL Aromas' unique Aromafusion materials - Orris Fusion."

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